Unlike the quick death of the planned Halo movie, Sony is pushing full steam ahead with the movie adaptation of “Metal Gear Solid”, and hopes are high that Kojima’s Solid Snake will end the run of terrible game-to-movie adapatations.

At last year’s E3, Kojima mentioned he had settled on a Class A production studio to handle his creation. It is probably no coincidence that Sony Pictures took the option. Given the incredible importance of the MGS titles on every PlayStation console, Sony’s commitment to Kojima might have more to do with ensuring MGS4 remains a Sony exclusive title, or at least long enough to dwindle away the value of a 360 port.

The real question for game fans is whether MGS will use David Hayter — whose voice is fused with the image of Solid Snake since his involvement in the original MGS for PSOne. Casting is still a ways off, but Sony has already pinned down Michael De Luca, the producer of the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, to helm the project. Kojima looks like he’ll be plenty involved, which could be good — so long as we don’t have 30 minute-long codec conversations.