…You’re missing one of the best rebirths in the telly’s history. For those of us who grew up watching the Doctor, the BBC’s relaunch in 2003 is nothing short of a small miracle. Writer Russell T. Davies and his merry, awfully talented band have (and continue to) bring depth and life to the Doctor, his companion and the amazing Who-verse. In the US, the series can be seen on the Sci-Fi channel; TV Guide *finally* placed Doctor Who on its hot, must-watch list — the third season, which is already nearing its end in the UK — is starting up on Sci-Fi this month.

For the few of us who don’t have cable (me! come on, it’s not like I have much time to watch TV anyways — what am I to do with hundreds of channels?), the DVD box sets are the next best thing. I picked up both season 1 and 2 from Buy.com and Amazon.com and have been having a blast. Admittedly, the sets are expensive ($70 online, expect to pay $20-$30 more at retail stores) but the BBC has done a fantastic job cramming a whole lot of extras on these discs. You can check out how the TARDIS was designed and conceived and even watch as the lovely Billie Piper takes you around the set camera in hand.

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who, fear not. You do not need to know anything about the prior Who series — which goes all the way back to the 1963 — to understand the new ones, though I’m quite sure once you’ve consumed a few you’ll want to learn more. For new Who-fans, do check out the Outpost Gallifrey; it’s filled with facts and boards about the new and old Doctor Who shows. Of course, if you’re like me and can’t get ahold of season 3 until the boxed set comes out, steer clear of the spoiler boards.