About time; you’d think Sony would have launched its own blog a while ago, especially given it’s avid fanbase online — but better late than never, right? Thus far, the blog only has two entries, but I’d expect it to become a daily dose of all things PlayStation straight from the mouths of developers, producers and even executives. As the editors admit, it will house some typical PR fluff but those articles should be balanced out with juicy, ‘insider’ content such as exclusive interviews and first-shots of previously unspoken about games. There is general consensus amongst gamers that when it comes to brand loyalty, Nintendo owns the most passionate lot. It’s debatable but IMO even Microsoft’s fanboys are louder and more motivated than Sony’s. This blog could be a solid step for PlayStation to build a tighter communications bridge to its core supporters. I say ‘could’ because unfortunately corporate blogs such as this one tend to get many things wrong about its presentation and content. Some of those problems include:

  • Lack of real-time communication: We understand people are busy at these companies, but if users clamor around a question and throw it at the blog’s editors, we expect some response. Even a ‘we’ll try’ followed by a ‘sorry, we just can’t get ahold of those people’ is better than dead silence for weeks on end.
  • Been there, read that: If the blog is an insider look (and this one claims it will be), it needs to deliver on it from time to time. Again, most of us are reasonable readers and don’t expect bombshells (i.e. megatons) every day or even every week, but if the PS blog starts reporting news I read in EGM 2 months ago or even GameSpot yesterday, then readers like us are going to assume that it’s either (a) poorly informed, meaning it has no pipeline to the internal divisions or (b) that it’s censored, meaning everything we’re reading is being funneled through legal departments and 800 sets of eyes before it gets to us. BTW, (b) usually ends up resulting in (a).
  • No consistency with updates: Alright, we know there isn’t much going on in the world of videogames right now. I feel like PSM has been previewing the same 5 games for the last 6 issues — Do I really need to see another picture of Heavenly Sword or Lair with two paragraphs telling me it looks good? But that doesn’t mean this blog can sit on its rear end for weeks with no posts. Like some GameCube sites that have since moved on, if you can’t post daily, then make it 1-2 a week on specific days (say, Mon. and Thurs.) and keep it going. Most of us don’t visit blogs on a regular basis anyways, so this should keep us satisfied. Start messing with this kind of schedule and you’ll lose a lot of us. Don’t post regularly and well, this thing will sputter and die pretty quickly.
  • Censoring for the Corp. Good: A lot of us own a 360, Wii, or other competitor system, and some of us like them more or as much as PS hardware, so we’re going to draw comparisons and some of us are going to vent our frustration about the state of the PS world (which I think many of us agree is hardly healthy right now). Editors can certainly edit for swearing and lack of gentleman-ship, but any censoring beyond that is going to create a stir. For instance, if someone posts under a Naughty Dog interview after playing “Uncharted” and says the game “is easily bested by 360’s <insert title>, blah, blah, blah”, I don’t expect anyone to touch that comment.

With mini-E3 fast approaching, what better way to establish some cred than to post some major news up here? May be the first gameplay glimpse into “Killzone 2”? Or may be even a preview of some yet unannounced title? Some of us readers have high expectations for this blog, and we’ll be keeping a close eye to make sure it does even better what ThreeSpeech has done for some time (Good to hear that this blog will be collaborating/working with them).