March 2008

Doctor Who - Billie Piper Returns!

Alright, so some people have major issues with Ms. Piper (far right, above) and the sidekick part she played during the “rebirth” of the Doctor Who series with Christopher Eccleston and later David Tennant (center, above), but as the Brits might say, “buggers to them.” Piper is just as responsible for the uber popularity the New Who series has garnered across the world as the two doctors; her acting and charm certainly helped carry the day in several episodes and there’s a reason why fans have clamored for her return since the last episode of season 2, “Doomsday.” Show-writer/producer R.T. Davies (RTD) has spilled little about Piper’s glorious return but no doubt many of us will have our eyes peeled when the 4th season of the Doctor’s time travels hits the UK and the Sci-Fi channel. This being the rumored last hurrah for Mr. RTD (and quite possibly for Mr. Tennant, too), it makes perfect sense he’s bringing back the companion that re-started our infatuation with the Doctor and his Tardis. It promises to be a wild 13 episode romp.

Unfortunately, I can’t stand following a TV series week-to-week (Sarah Connor Chronicles was my last foray into this unknown vehicle and my patience wears thin). As I’ve done before, I’ll probably pass on the season entirely until it hits those wonderful DVDs later in Nov. (get those preorders ready!) and plan to take it in during my well-needed Winter break after another round of law school finals. No better way to spend the winter than with the Doctor!



I’m not much of a Terminator fan; I admit I enjoyed T2 but I never really watched all of the first or any of the third (or care much for the rumored 4th). That might change with what I’ve seen of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox’s new 45 minute magnum opus starring “Serenity’s” under-rated star, Summer Glau (far left) as the bad robot gone good (Cameron), and the beautiful Lena Headey (second left) as the titular Sarah Connor.

As someone who barely – and I mean barely – watches much TV, I’ve actually stayed through with this show from first to season finale (well, thanks in large part to Fox making all their shows available online), and may I say it has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting shows ever. Sure, it’s not going to get any crowning ‘Oscar’ achievements in the writing department, but what’s there is sharp, well developed, and at times, brilliant. I know some Terminator fans out there who’ve long walked away from the show, decrying its mediocrity, but I fail to see their cult-ish criticisms. For the action-viewer, there’s not much on TV that can rival this series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next season. Fox, you’ve got yourself a looker in this show; you better not go canceling it now. You may want to roll these cast members into that 2009 movie you’re making. If you do, I’ll be there to see it.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the lovely Ms. Glau in action before, I highly recommend you check out the little-known sci-fi film, “Serenity.” Based on the short-lived series, “Firefly,” the movie hit theaters in 2005 to much critical fanfare … but alas, very little commercial attention. This Joss Whedon (yes, the Buffy scribe Whedon) invention never caught on, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. After you watch it, you’ll probably wonder what took Hollywood so long to put Ms. Glau back to work.

And if you missed out on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, fear not! Just head over online to all of Season 1. It’s must-see online TV 🙂